Who are we

Magnifying Glass

Itello Software Consultancy was established in 2004 to provide quality software solutions for Enterprise and Mobile. We offer a range of software development lifecycle services that provide our clients with robust, innovative and maintainable solutions.

We have worked with major UK Telcos and local design agencies to help produce E-Commerce websites and Facebook apps. We have embraced the availability of Cloud technologies to enable us to provide highly available services which are proven to be suitable for popular high demand applications.

What we do

Our Services

We specialise in providing consultancy services to enable the design, development, testing, deployment and running of bespoke software solutions. Our ethos is to provide an iterative approach to the software development lifecycle in order to ensure that high value requirements are tackled first. This flexible approach maximises return on investment, and fast time to market.

The majority of our work has been developing SOA components and integration with legacy services. We choose to employ automated testing and continuous integration to help produce high quality tested products.

Very few developments are greenfield, and more often than not our work has been about providing additional products and services to fit within an existing architecture. We endeavour to consider the impact of any new component within an existing architecture, and tailor our solutions accordingly. Our agile approach to development establishes high client confidence when integrating with existing services.

Our range of clients has allowed us to work with both on-shore and off-shore teams, and on and off clients' sites. Similarly, our pricing structure allows for both fixed price and time charge.

Our Creations

Jagermeister PhotoCapture Android App

One of Germany's most famous exports, Jagermeister

In a massively competitive market, Jagermeister wanted an App to enhance their promotion campaign in bars and clubs of the UK by incorporating Social Media. The brief supplied was to develop an application that allowed photos to be customised with Jagermeister livery before sharing on Facebook.

Working in partnership with Kerve Creative, we developed an application to photograph revellers, and allow them to select one of various overlays before uploading to Facebook. All images were uploaded to Dropbox prior to Facebook to allow moderation, for obvious reasons!

Jimmy Cliff Challenge

Discover how the legendary Jimmy Cliff has influenced your favourite bands with '6 Degrees Of Separation'

Itello were approached by Kerve Creative to help promote the release of the new Jimmy Cliff Album by providing a application to link artists and bands to the artist Jimmy Cliff. The concept was six degrees of separation built with data available from Musicbrainz. Given the vast amount of data available from Musicbrainz, the main concern was the amount of time it each request might take to find a link.

It was immediately apparent that traditional relational databases would not be able to provide the relevant data within a realistic timeframe. We decided to use a Graph Database from the increasingly popular NoSql family of databases to enable us to keep response times below one second. One of the greatest benefits of using the Graph Database was the ability to give weightings to the relationships between artists and bands, resulting in more impressive links to Jimmy Cliff. The final graph boasted 12 million bands and artists, 14 million relationships, 54 millions searchable properties, and an average response time below one second. Take the challenge now